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KATMANDU, October 28: The Federation of Nepal Handicrafts Associations (FHAN) is organizing the 18th Handicrafts Fair and 16th Handicrafts Competition from November 19 in Kathmandu.

The three-day fair is expected to rejuvenate the Nepalese handicraft trade which has been largely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We hope that the fair will help promote the trade of Nepalese products affected by the pandemic in the domestic and international market,” said Rabindra Shakya, vice president of FHAN and coordinator of the fair.

According to the organizer, a wide variety of handicrafts will be exhibited under one roof during the fair. Products made from natural fibers and those that come in extensive embroidery will be among the attractions of the exhibition.

Shakya said the country’s artisanal activity has been affected by the impacts of the pandemic, mainly due to a shortage of raw materials and sky-high supply costs. According to him, around 5-10% of traders closed their businesses completely during the period. “However, the sector is attracting many young people after a drop in the impacts of the coronavirus,” he said.

Shakya said that due to the impacts of the coronavirus, air service operators have started charging high prices on behalf of charter flights. “This has multiplied our costs by several, which has affected the competitiveness of Nepalese products in the international market,” he added.

The files with FHAN show that the sector transaction amounted to Rs 12 billion during the last financial year. Half of the amount came from exports. The craft sector employs around 800,000 people.

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