Announcement of a new jewelry fair; March 2022

Expertise Events has announced a new trade show to revitalize the jewelry industry after two years of industry turmoil due to the cancellation of all industry exhibitions and seminars due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Dubbed the ‘Australian Jewelery Fair 2022 Kickstart’, Gary Fitz-Roy, Managing Director of Expertise Events, said: -COVID must be at the center of everything we do as an industry.

As was the case with almost all international jewelry shows in 2020 and 2021, the international jewelry and watch shows in Sydney have been canceled and, as a result, “like almost all businesses, COVID has forced to rethink the events needed to help reconnect, and we decided it was important to present a new consolidated event to kick off 2022.

“One that is timed correctly, located correctly and packaged correctly,” added Fitz-Roy.

The new show will take place at ICC Sydney from March 11-12; dates which, according to Fitz-Roy, were carefully selected to “unite the whole industry.”

A date prior to March would not give retailers enough time to properly assess Christmas / New Years trading results for restocking purposes and it falls after Valentine’s Day sales, allowing retailers to assess levels of products.

More importantly, Fitz-Roy said, “So we have deliberately avoided February in order to have the chance to attract a national audience because, as you know, the WA border will most likely remain closed until. ‘in mid-end of February.

“With borders slated to be open by March across Australia and New Zealand, we anticipate even greater domestic footfall rather than state-based visitors alone. A mid-March date will also be ideal for New Zealand retailers who have pent-up demand and, we know they are eager to visit Australia and meet suppliers.

He is awaiting support from buying groups for the new show, with Nationwide Jewelers already supporting the Sydney show. Nationwide has a large number of New Zealand members.

The new show allows jewelry retailers to:

• Evaluate Christmas and New Year exchanges;
• Assess restocking needs after Valentine’s Day;
• To prepare confidently for interstate travel due to a later date;
• Participate from New Zealand with a two-year hiatus;
• Visit ffrom Western Australia to the east coast because the borders should be open;
• Avoid the absenteeism bet in Melbourne;
• Have a better assessment of consumer confidence by March

“We did, however, consider Melbourne; jewelry events in Melbourne had very mixed results and never reached the level required to function commercially. It’s a fact that Victorians have long traveled to Sydney for jewelry shows, but unfortunately NSW retailers don’t freely travel to Melbourne.

“And it’s worse at the moment because it’s fair and reasonable to say that many suppliers and buyers are concerned about what might happen given the Victorian government’s reputation throughout COVID. It wasn’t worth the bet. ‘a Melbourne show, and our advice to buyers and suppliers were ICC Sydney in Darling Harbor, ”explained Fitz-Roy.

He also believes consumer confidence will be much stronger by March, after the seasonal highs of the New Year’s and Valentine’s Day holidays.

In January, Gary Fitz-Roy, Managing Director of Expertise Events, said Jeweler that “the opportunity to meet in person and reconnect cannot be underestimated,” underscoring his position that in-person trade shows provide people with a unique experience that cannot be replicated online.

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