Are you a Texas innovator? TXi to Host Trade Show and Career Fair in San Antonio

For job seekers in Texasthe Texas Innovators Showcase offers a career fair, networking, workshops, speaker panels, and an opportunity to hear current market needs from area business owners and innovators.


  • cyber security
  • Finance
  • Human ressources
  • Pay
  • Health care
  • Computer science

Speaker panels

The panels start 10am and will cover a range of topics and industries. More speakers will be added over the coming weeks.

Health care: will current trends in innovation have an impact on health systems?

Marketing: using innovation as a strategy to develop your brand

Recruitment: why companies must innovate to attract and retain talent

Leadership: preparing leaders for a changing society

Finance: why banks must innovate or disappear

Law: is 2022 the year when lawyers invest in innovation?

The event is open to the public. Interested persons can register for free here. Admission includes lunch and a VIP happy hour.

About TXi

Texas Innovators is a media and news platform focused on showcasing the inspiring stories of innovators across Texas. Created to provide a central hub for the stories of those who guide Texas into the future, TXi was formed from the stories of innovation its creators hear daily. As an HR service provider, the creators Matt Lowman and Jason Halsey are at the forefront of the powerful innovations brought by their clients at HR Service Partners.

SOURCE Texas Innovators

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