Do you need a loan despite the chargeback?

Do you need a loan despite the chargeback, as a quick solution to settle the returned receivable? Or are you aiming for an installment loan despite the chargeback?

We want to use authentic information to ensure that the chargeback does not prevent your credit. – Be it through a quick emergency loan to settle claims or an installment loan.

Loan despite chargeback – why a problem

Loan despite chargeback - why a problem

Credit in spite of a chargeback quickly becomes a fundamental problem if the receivables cannot be settled promptly. A chargeback due to a lack of cover is unequivocal evidence of at least temporary insolvency. In plain language – the household budget is currently “ready for bankruptcy”. If the due payment of the due debt is not successful, the debtor will incur additional costs.

Without compensation through payment, a negative entry at credit bureau would be expected in the medium term. In this case, personal creditworthiness would be ruined for years to come. The chargeback also does not bode well for the request for an installment loan, for example to reschedule the maximum amount. Many credit institutions have started to request bank statements in addition to proof of income. – Example: Postbank loan.

When reviewing, this is precisely about avoiding risky lending, such as a loan despite a chargeback or with collection. In both cases, the credit institution must assume that a contractual repayment of the agreed credit installments is at risk. – Because the borrower lacks the necessary backing from his house bank. The bank that knows it best refuses to pay. To put it bluntly: “Warning signals cannot shine brighter.”

Fast liquidity – solvent despite exhausted overdraft facility

Fast liquidity - solvent despite exhausted overdraft facility

Sticking your head in the sand is understandable at first to the shock of shock when the insolvency is realized. – It just won’t help. A plan in two stages would be more effective. Level one means creating sufficient liquidity to settle the repaid receivable. With a little luck, help from the house bank clerk will come. He can set up a temporary overdraft facility.

The disposition over the disposition costs a lot of money, but can “give air” for three months. If the whole thing does not work, there is a plan B to quickly restore solvency. Vexcash from Berlin’s business model is quick, short-term credit when the credit limit has been reached. The company offers microcredit between $ 100 and $ 500, for existing customers a maximum of $ 3,000.

A simplified credit check procedure even allows first-time applicants (via videoident) to pay out the loan within 24 hours or faster. A secure minimum income of $ 500 per month can be demonstrated. First-time applicants are granted a maximum term of 30 days. This period gives you the time to find an installment loan without pressing payment obligations.

Installment loan despite chargeback – loan without bank statements

Installment loan despite chargeback - loan without bank statements

Basically, the chargeback is not a problem if it goes undetected. Initially, it has no discernible effects on personal creditworthiness for outside lenders. If only the overdraft got out of hand, regular credit is not an issue despite the chargeback. Small loan offers a simple and quick credit procedure, only the income certificate and credit bureau are viewed.

Many low-interest offers for small loans can be taken advantage of via a free loan comparison. It is only necessary to ensure in the application conditions that the bank statements are not among the supporting documents to be submitted. Via a provider that accepts Videoident, the liquidity problem can be a thing of the past within 48 hours. It becomes more difficult if the score no longer allows a loan without bank statements.

But, there is also a solution for this. However, the challenge now is to stay completely covered for about three months. Commercial “risk financiers” request bank statements for a maximum of three months retrospectively. During this period, neither a chargeback nor a payment to collection agencies can be found. If the documents in the case-by-case assessment show sufficient creditworthiness, the loan is approved despite the chargeback.

If this scenario is also not feasible, those interested in taking action are not yet running out of options. A private loan would also be possible. Private donors clearly value secure repayment ability, but this proof does not determine the chargeback.

Private money – credit despite chargeback and bank statements

Private money - credit despite chargeback and bank statements

Seriously brokered credit from private lenders usually comes from the market leaders. credit bureau and Auxmoney have an excellent reputation for providing credit from private to private. Of course, both portals check the basic creditworthiness of lending so that lenders do not take too high credit risks. credit bureau, for example, requests the last three pay slips and the bank statement with the receipt of payment.

This would make a loan realistic despite the chargeback. It would have been a very stupid coincidence if the chargeback could be recognized on this account statement. The portals build additional trust in lending through certificates that can be activated free of charge. This way, every investor can recognize the score and thus better assess his credit risk. If the creditworthiness does not show “top form”, not everything is lost.

Trust in lending also creates an honestly formulated loan application and a conclusive repayment concept. Secure lending could also be underpinned by the vehicle being assigned as security. In the amount of the mortgage lending value, a certificate then shows the loan as secured despite the chargeback. Clearly more investors are interested in secure lending than in high interest rates and high default risk.