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HAWKESBURY residents Brett Monaghan and Jonny Ginis will represent NSW at the Fine Food Australia trade show in Melbourne in October.

The duo run Eclipse Organics, a Richmond-based muesli and food bar manufacturer, and their company is one of twelve state-owned food manufacturers chosen to exhibit at the Government of the United States’ “Flavors of NSW” booth. New South Wales.

Mr Monaghan, CEO and founder of the company, said this would be their second year exhibiting at the NSW government booth, following a “huge success” last year, in particular to spread the word to exporting companies.

“With Chinese and European companies, being recognized by the government gives you a little more ‘credit’ when there are so many players in the market,” he told The Gazette.

Last year they started exporting to China. “We were taken on by a great distributor who saw the merits of what we do,” said Mr. Monaghan.

“They were looking for a muesli company, and they looked in Europe, America, and picked us out of the blue from the merit reports.

“We met in person at the Fine Foods booth in 2017, and when they saw us at the NSW government booth, it made the deal – it gave us a lot of credibility. “

The story of Eclipse

The idea for Eclipse Organics originated around eight years ago, when Mr. Monaghan returned to Sydney after living in Europe for a decade. There, he noticed that people in France and Italy did not eat muesli for breakfast like his friends and family did at home. So he started to make his own.

“Then when I got back I couldn’t find any decent muesli in the stores here, so I kept making my own. Someone tried it one day and said “this is great, you should be doing this as a business!” “So we tried,” he said.

They punted by entering one of their muesli in a competition at the Royal Easter Show – and they won. In their first two years of competition, they won the Best Unroasted Muesli and Best Toasted Muesli award at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards.

“It was pretty massive. It told us we had a business, ”Mr. Monaghan said. “My cousin’s friend was also running an organic show in town, so we did this show, and we didn’t look back.

Around 2010, they opened a health food store called Eclipse Wholefoods near Woodhills Car Park in Richmond. They ran the store for four years and continued to attend exhibitions and win awards in parallel.

“This part of the business has grown steadily so we decided to close the store and took over a factory at the end of the RAAF base in Richmond,” said Mr. Monaghan.

They signed with a distributor in Sydney, and soon business was successful enough that they took over the plant next door to theirs on Bowman Street.

Eclipse Organics Muesli, Food Bars and Whole Foods are now sold in independent health food stores, grocery stores and supermarkets from Tasmania to Christmas Island. And, of course, in China. “We now have a fairly wide tread,” Mr. Monaghan said.

In 2016, they were named Company of the Year at the Australian Organic Annual Awards – the first non-farm business to win this honor.

Community orientation

“We are very community driven. We’re a bit of a family business, ”said Monaghan, adding that it was important for the business to give back to the community.

“I am constantly committed to donating a production day each month to a local charity. We give to Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands and The Living Room – it’s a great way to give back, ”he said.

Eclipse Organics now employs seven workers and continues to manufacture all of its products by hand in small batches. Their flagship product is the Organic Toasted Paleo Nut & Fruit Crunch Muesli.

“It’s our most expensive product and yet we sell double everything. It has this cult that looks like a cult – people get addicted to it! Mr. Monaghan said.

“When we cook we have so many people knocking on the door [of our manufacturing plant in Richmond], and they say ‘I live up the road and we smell this lovely smell, what is it ?!’ We cook all day – coconut, cocoa and chocolate.

The company is now moving into a new area of ​​“functional food” offerings, which will be officially launched at the upcoming Fine Food Australia trade fair.

“We are developing a whole line of protein bars and shake products, for weight loss and gain, using natural foods like cocaco and matcha powder,” said Monaghan.

“We realized the importance and lack of good quality sports nutrition, so we are launching the Eclipse Active line, which will be the active part of our line for health and weight management.”

Eclipse Organics is working with Western Sydney University to give students studying food technology industry experience, and they recently employed a graduate who had completed an internship with the company.

Recently, the company sent over 1,000 food bars to struggling farmers in the West.

“I hope our Eclipse bars can give some of our farmers a boost during these tough days on the farm,” said Monaghan.

Hawkesburians can find Eclipse Organics products locally in Richmond at Green Hills Organics, Hawkesbury Herbs & Healing, Health Foods And You and the Richmond Fruit Market, as well as direct from the factory (Thursdays only) located at 3/31 Bowman Street.

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