Gibtown IISF Trade Show ready to roll for 2021; hopes to start the season and resume its activities

Teresa Rimes, Secretary of the IIFS Super Trade Show and Extravaganza, looks forward to moving forward with the 2021 show, February 16-19 at Gibtown Showmen’s Club. “It’s important to have the show in 2021; we are all in the same boat and we have received astronomical support from the members whether they are able to attend or not, ”says Rimes.

The 2021 trade show will follow CDC protocols and guidelines. Currently, volunteer help is low, so Rimes and other staff will rely heavily on members to comply. “We will have as many hand sanitizing stations as possible and we will impose masks inside when people are not sitting down to eat and drink according to our county guidelines,” Rimes said.

Temperature controls will also be in place; anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will need secondary screening. If the temperature is 100.4 or higher again, that person will be asked to leave and see a doctor. Potillo’s disinfection services will be on-site to fully disinfect with Electra static ionization for microbial bacteria. The bathroom urinals will be disinfected daily. While she fully expects everyone to abide by the guidelines, those who do not wish to follow the protocols will be asked to leave the show.

While the 2021 trade show is different from previous years, Rimes is confident that all different aspects of the business will be represented. “I have been accepting supplier contracts since August. We have certainly seen an interest to be exhibited. We know our numbers will not be the same and we understand the reasons for our absence. We are just grateful for the support, ”Rimes said.

To further encourage participation and recognize the financial hardships felt by the industry, the trade show board of directors is offering 50% off the regular price of exhibitor space. Membership and insurance fees and taxes will remain the same. In addition to exhibitor fees, registration prices are lower; if you are not a member and need to pay to register, all registration levels are only $ 10 per person. Members are always admitted free.

For more information on the exhibition, visit the exhibitors section on the show website.

The social aspects of the show will largely remain the same. Networking, socializing, and catching up with friends or peers in the business are important parts of a successful show. “We are organizing more outdoor accommodation to sit, eat and drink. People generally feel better when they spend time outdoors, so we’ll do our best to keep the social aspect strong, ”says Rimes.

If exhibitor members are unable to attend the show, they will still be listed in the show directory and buyers guide as long as the membership fee is paid.

Rimes, along with show supervisors, are set to put on a safe and productive show to kick off what will hopefully be a successful 2021 season. “Everyone in the company is optimistic about moving forward; it has been a devastating year for the industry. Yes, we would expect smaller numbers, but you can still find what you need. Your LED lights, your pipes, your insurance, your stuffed animals will all be available at the show, ”explains Rimes.

Transportation companies are likely to be the hardest hit. Foreign amusement ride makers cannot make it to the United States during the pandemic and domestic ride makers, after a very trying year, will find it hard to go at the expense of brining equipment in Florida. Still, some manufacturers will be there, hoping to sell to buyers who are optimistic about the season ahead.

IIAS is moving forward with other events to kick off the season. The 2021 Gibtown Motorcycle Rally kicks off at the Showmen’s Club January 21-24. “We’re in full swing to work on the trade show and the bike party. We look forward to having these events safe. For more information on the 2021 Bike Show or Festival, visit the show website.

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