Joint Iran-Afghanistan trade exhibition kicks off in Kabul

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan Bahador Aminian said that the aim of holding the exhibition is to develop bilateral trade cooperation with the neighboring country of the Afghanistan and transfer technical knowledge to that country.

Iran has entered the phase of transferring technical engineering and technology services to neighboring countries by passing the stage of exporting goods, he added.

Iranian Embassy in Afghanistan Trade Advisor Javanmard Qasab also said that the exhibition will run for three days and efforts are being made to showcase Iranian products to Afghan customers and build relationships between traders to secure a contract.

He added that 100 stands at this exhibition are dedicated to representatives of Iranian and Afghan businessmen to present their products.

Representatives of 21 Iranian companies in the field of municipal services and 54 other Iranian companies in the field of technical and engineering services, including electricity, energy and telecommunications, are present at this exhibition, a- he declared.

The value of annual trade between Afghanistan and Iran has reached over $ 1.5 billion, and Iran, as Afghanistan’s largest trading partner, exported the most to the neighboring country Last year.

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