Launch of annual trade fair in Kitgum :: Uganda Radionetwork

A 10-day trade fair opened in Kitgum Municipality on Friday, April 15, with contractors still erecting stalls where exhibits will be displayed.

Several exhibitors could be seen transporting goods to their various locations, and only a handful had started actual display of their wares by the end of Friday.

The annual event, organized under the theme; Restoration of Hope to Farmers through Smart Agribusiness”, is expected to attract 500 exhibitors from various districts and countries such as Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

So far, 167 exhibitors have registered to showcase their businesses at the event, which ends on April 25.

Trade fairs were halted for two years during the partial lockdown of the economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The largest annual fair in the country is easily the Uganda Manufacturers Association Fair which is usually held in Lugogo.

In the past, the biggest in the country used that of Jinja. But due to the collapse of the industry, it has also faded.

Uganda has yet to regain its ability to organize effective exhibitions. Its participation in exhibitions abroad is still pitiful and paltry in comparison to what Kenya and Rwanda put in place when they go to exhibit abroad. It is usually the tourism sector that is sponsored by the government to exhibit abroad, but there is not much to say about it.

Uganda’s promotional capacity is so weak that the country only realized the potential of its artist Eddie Kenzo after Kenya appointed him as a tourism ambassador for a year. Rwanda tends to hire efficient Ugandan tour operators as consultants to improve its tourism promotion.

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