Occupational exhibition Plowing 2021 postponed to 2022 due to lack of clarity on Covid

The NPA executive made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 trade show after months of monitoring Covid-19 status and taking into account the government’s updated roadmap for the coming months.

Given the scale of Labor with 297,000 attendees in 2019 and the lack of clarity on what the Covid-19 restrictions and regulations will look like in September for outdoor events, it has been estimated that the cancellation of the trade exhibitor event of 1700 was the only option.

Public health and safety is of paramount importance to the Association and unless the NPA is satisfied that the trade show could proceed without causing risk to exhibitors, competitors and visitors, it would not be. not achievable.

As the schedule for starting work on the site is imminent, the NPA simply could not wait to make a decision.
The world plowing competition scheduled to be held in Ireland to celebrate the NPA’s 90th anniversary, attracting visitors from 30 countries, has also been canceled given the extent of current international travel restrictions.

NPA Executive Director Anna May McHugh said: “It is a huge disappointment for the Association to have to cancel the trade show two years in a row, especially considering the estimated annual economic impact. of 50 million euros which will be lost to the Irish. economy. We are very aware of the loss of income of our exhibitors and of the disappointment of the patrons.

“However, the NPA is a solid establishment, we have a massively committed team behind the event, our exhibitors and patrons have been very loyal over the years and we look forward to bringing the exhibition back to its full potential in 2022. We are going to organize our national plowing competitions this year and I hope we can welcome visitors (regulations pending).

Labor will return to Ratheniska in 2022.

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