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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association trade show and conference will be held in Oklahoma City, August 16-18, at the Oklahoma City Convention Center, 100 Mick Cornett Drive, Oklahoma City.

For three days, thousands of Tribal Gaming executives, experts, educators, business and media representatives will gather in Oklahoma City to conduct business, attend briefings, and network with other players in the Tribal Gaming industry in Oklahoma, the region and the country. .

OIGA has integrated COVID-19 security protocols and follows recommendations from the CDC and state and local authorities. There will also be an on-site vaccination station, accessible to anyone wishing to receive their first dose, made possible through a collaboration between the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic and the OIGA.

“We are incredibly excited to be back and look forward to seeing old friends again and making new ones. If you have never attended the OIGA show, you will be in for a treat! It is a lively, fun, informative and high-energy gathering of some of the biggest names in the video game and hospitality industries and will attract nearly 2,500 vendors, visitors and guest speakers to downtown Montreal. “Oklahoma City to celebrate and advance our industry,” Matthew said. L. Morgan, President of OIGA.

Monday August 16 begins with a golf tournament benefiting the John Marley Scholarship Foundation, which OIGA established in 2008 to provide educational opportunities for OIGA staff members and their families. The John Marley Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to researching knowledge and providing scholarships to those eligible to attend accredited colleges, universities, and business schools in Oklahoma or other states. The Foundation is named after John Marley, a man who was instrumental in the development of OIGA.

Conference sessions moderated by industry experts begin Tuesday morning. Topics for the session include “McGirt: A Supreme Court Decision – What Are The Real Implications”, “Indian Country: Mobile Implications”, “E-Sports: Gaming for Millions! And “The History of Indian Gambling in Oklahoma: Chapters Written to Date.”

“McGirt: One Supreme Court Decision – What Are the True Implications” will address the ramifications of last year’s McGirt case. As a result of the ruling, many far-reaching concerns and theories have emerged about McGirt’s impact. This session will examine the cause and effect of the court’s decision regarding the establishment of a reservation and jurisdiction over a crime.

“Indian Country: Mobile Implications” will discuss nationwide tribal and state agreements that have expanded to include sports betting. The requirement to operate on “Indian lands” in the IGRA has impacted the tribes in their desire to competitively offer mobile sports betting. In a market with competing business interests, this can severely limit Tribal’s reach. This timely discussion will review this dilemma and whether anything can be done.

“E-Sports: the games played by millions!” examine the impact of electronic sports. Predicted to surpass a billion dollar industry in 2021 and a growing subsection of the global gaming market, E-Sports is the answer to this competitive player.

In “The History of Oklahoma Indian Gaming: Chapters Written So Far,” attendees will listen to testimonies from legal experts at the negotiating table as they discuss what was originally envisioned for Oklahoma Tribal Gaming. The negotiations, the lawsuits and the current place in time for the tribal nations of Oklahoma.

The trade show will open at noon on Tuesday August 17th. Vendors from all over the world will present new gaming technologies and ancillary services of all kinds.

The annual awards ceremony will take place on the trade fair grounds on Tuesday, August 17, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., during which the President’s and Modern-Day Warrior Awards will be presented. The recipients of the John Marley Fellowship will also be announced and presented.

A special announcement will also be made by the National Indian Gaming Commission during this time.

Wednesday will continue with conference sessions throughout the morning and the opening of the trade show in the afternoon.

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