Saudi interior design, the show offers a B2B network

The many construction projects underway in the Kingdom are providing a big boost to the interior design market, she said. “With a lot of projects around, especially in Riyadh, as the city is booming, there is a good chance that business will grow.”

Patryk Kocimski, CEO of Polish company Handicraft Design participating in INDEX Saudi, said Saudi Arabia is a “very good country for international business”.

He said: “I have met several people and talked to them and discussed the needs and market trends in the furniture segment and what we can provide, the response is good.”

Osama Alzoubi, interior designer at Ebreez, said the show attracted people from the industry after a one-and-a-half-year global shutdown due to the pandemic.

Ahmed Saleh Al-Aqeel, deputy general manager of Alaqeel furniture factory, said their company provides services to hotels, resorts, resorts and stores, and the presence of international hotels and large US companies- United, Europe and other parts of the world is “a great B2B opportunity for us.”

He said that many construction projects, including megaprojects, are underway under the Saudi Vision 2030, and that the platform connects interior suppliers and manufacturers with interior designers, architects, project managers and retailers involved in these development projects across the Kingdom.

The forum will respond to inquiries from construction projects including Red Sea Development Project, NEOM, Qiddiya, AMAALA, Diriyah, Al Widyan, King Salman Park, Jeddah Tower, Riyadh and Jeddah Metro and others.

The residential interiors sector in Saudi Arabia is growing very rapidly. Developers are investing around $ 10.7 billion in construction of residential and commercial projects, thus increasing the demand for residential interiors.

Saudi Arabia is the largest construction market in the Middle East, making it the region’s largest buyer of interior design and interior design, with a domestic market value of 3.5 billion of dollars.

With the entertainment industry opening up to the world and laws loosening to encourage tourism, the Kingdom is preparing for massive change.

Jasmeet Bakshi, director of group events at DMG Events and organizer of the Hotel Show, said the three-day event “opened with great success, reinforcing the importance of live networking, building relationships and trade within the sector ”.

The hotel lounge and accompanying entertainment lounge opened with the firm belief in recognizing Saudi talent abounding in the hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries.

As young people in Saudi Arabia are encouraged to choose the local hospitality and tourism sectors for their careers, robust growth in the industry is expected.

Luis Salgueiro, CEO of ZADK and guest speaker at the Hotel Leadership Forum at the show, said: “After the pandemic, I think the future of the food and beverage market will certainly continue to increase. Saudi Arabia’s food and beverage sector is the largest in the Middle East, according to recent studies. Saudi Arabia is worth $ 45 billion.

James Barlow, director of exports at Rainbow productions, a world leader in the manufacture of bespoke branded and sports mascots, said he was exhibiting in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

“We see a lot of prospects for the future. We have made a good profile here, having worked with Al-Othaim. We are here to continue to build on it, ”he said. “Saudi Arabia is definitely an emerging market, and we want to make sure we’re at the forefront of it.”

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