Silvia Martínez • Business Development Manager, Valladolid Trade Fair Center

– We spoke with one of the main organizers of this event, which brings together managers and filming locations, and which will be held in October at the Valladolid Trade Fair Center

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With the success of the first Film Locations Market, held last fall, its organizers hope that the second edition (October 20-21; find out more) will be even more successful. To discuss this, we spoke to Silvia Martinezbusiness development manager at Valladolid Exhibition Center.

Cineuropa: How are you approaching this second edition: without the nerves of the first and with the confidence that the experience brings?
Silvia Martinez:
Yes, especially because we have quite good data from the first edition. We are therefore approaching a second year with many managers and producers who have confirmed their participation: around sixty, from eight different countries. The most important for us are Great Britain and the United States, but they also come from Canada, Malta, Portugal, Morocco and Germany. Norway is the big new thing this year, however, we hope to tell you more about it soon. Shooting Locations Marketplace is not limited to attracting shoots for Spain: its strength lies in the fact that it is an international market, with a strong presence from Mediterranean and European countries. We focus on the industrial and professional aspect.

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How does an audiovisual manager participate?
The first step is to contact us, and we’ll ask you about the work you’ve done, what production companies you’ve worked with, what type of manager you are (TV, film, etc.) and what projects you’re working on. currently on. We want to know if the places that will participate interest you: if your participation as a manager is interesting both for you and for the participating destinations.

How do venues wishing to participate register?
The first step is the same: contact us. There are two profiles: those belonging to the Spanish Film Commission and they tell us what they need, and then, on the other hand, there are private companies like Paradores and hotel chains that want to show managers their available spaces. And then there are the film service companies, which are very important both for the location and for the director, because they are able to have a good shoot, with all the needs covered.

This market is a bit of a matchmaker, because it brings together two entities that want to get along and have a long relationship, because producing a movie takes a long time. Why are locations so important?
They are not only intended for the cinematographic and audiovisual sector, but also to make the place known to the cinephile public. This is why it is so important to convince the location manager of his ideal location and why you want to meet him; and when the manager gives a match, that’s when you made them fall in love.

Which managers have already confirmed their presence at the October event in Valladolid?
Lori Balton, for example, who is like an ambassador for the project, speaks to everyone about it with great affection; as good as Dan Connolly, Peter Gray, Scott Trimble, Chris Baugh and Bill Darby. Everyone who knows the Shooting Locations Marketplace keeps coming back: it’s an event that professionals loved.

So what makes this event so special?
We managed to create a workspace where locations, managers and producers feel very comfortable, which was unthinkable until now.

Valladolid is asserting itself as a cinematographic city: not only does it hold the long tradition Semicibut its city council has also applied to organize the Goya Awards 2023 (which will eventually go to Seville) and the second edition of the Shooting Locations Marketplace will soon take place there.
For us, the work done by the Valladolid Film Commissionthrough Juan Manuel Guimerans, which is part of the Spanish Film Commission, is very important, and it really helps us to develop and improve this project. In addition, Valladolid, just an hour by train from Madrid, is an easy, quiet and close town, where other events are also taking place close to these dates, with the Seminci taking place right after our event. So we’re asking all those unique venues and film service companies who want to get more exposure to get in touch with us: tell us about your situation and how you want to get involved, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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