Spring has arrived at the SANA plant fair

It was fields of green and colorful flowers at Khosa Rugby Club recently when the South African Nursery Association (SANA) held its annual trade show for the industry.

Kathy Varney, President of SANA, explained that traders come from all over South Africa to present their products to people who supply the ornamental horticulture industry.

President of SANA. Kathy Varney.

They usually have two shows a year – one just before fall and one before spring. Retailers and landscapers had their pick of seeds, tools, plants and more at the show which started at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 4:00 p.m. Kathy said this year they had around 94 exhibitors, some even from Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal and Bloemfontein.

Just like in the fashion industry, Kathy said plants have trends too, and that’s one of the characteristics they exhibit. This year’s trends are leaning towards newly designed colors, disease resistant plants and mixed herbs. Small gardens are very popular these days because few people live in a house with a large garden.

Marina Spangenberg of Samgro.

It’s the trend of the moment, but you can still have your dream garden, but in less space.

Another trend is vertical gardening. Those without a garden can grow vegetables, flowers and herbs using different vertical gardening techniques. Use a bare patio or balcony wall to start your first vertical garden. Fix the pots to the wall in the arrangement you want. You can use symmetrical grids or experiment with circular pot arrangements, horizontal lines or diagonal patterns with cascading vines.

Elias Rametse of Siyakula.

According www.lifeisagarden.co.za you can grow almost any herb, leafy vegetable like celery and lettuce, fruit like limes and avocado, and indoor ornamentals like philodendron, peace lily, Chinese evergreen and the spider plant.

Hanging baskets are ideal space savers that add texture and life to barren corners. You can use a chain to hang containers from the roof or try wall-mounted half baskets.

You can find out more about this year’s trends by visiting www.lifeisagarden.co.za.

Adriaan van Niekerk from Aqua Flora.
Hadeco’s Teresa Pereira, Meghan Els, Jackie Parker and Jarred Bell.

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