SRAM & MRAM Group concludes MEDICA 2021 in Germany with thriving business partnerships

20 November 2021 12:40 STI

Düsseldorf, Germany, Nov. 20 (ANI / NewsView): SRAM & MRAM Group, a UK-based conglomerate, and Lakkapaa Import OY conclude MEDICA 2021 in Germany on an overwhelming note; the group closes the show with a flourishing business.
The event started on November 15, 2021 and ended on November 18, 2021, where the group presented “Walletz4u” along with a range of other health / medical products.
The three-day mega event focused on endoscopy and surgical devices, laboratory technology, diagnostics, prosthetics and implants, orthopedic technology and physiotherapy, imaging supplies and medical and surgical gloves. . In addition to this, the audience was able to gain hands-on experience of high-tech products, equipment, joints, diagnostics, electromedicine, etc. throughout the exhibition. The event also hosted a series of medical topics and special exhibitions showcasing MEDICA 2021.
“Walletz4u” is world renowned for its high quality disposable latex, vinyl, nitrile and rubber gloves. The products carry the seal of approval and are committed to providing the confidence to help you stay safe, healthy and comfortable. The brand is on its way to becoming one of the largest manufacturers and dealers of gloves in ASEAN and global markets.
The SRAM & MRAM group has been instrumental in researching and developing the highest quality to produce unique products that meet global health standards. The brand has partnered with multiple partners and manufacturers to strengthen its manufacturing capacity.
Speaking on the occasion, Andreas Eickelmann, GOLDMARK Development (German representative) said: “We are happy to be part of MEDICA 2021; this has helped us leverage the exploitation of the European market while providing common ground to connect with potential business prospects. “
Abhishek Tandon, quoted, “We are happy to report that we have forged an important alliance at MEDICA 2021 and we also hope to get a lot of business through it. This event has certainly helped us reach a wider market.”
Speaking on the conclusion, Hitanshu Heera, Global Director, SRAM & MRAM Group, said: “We were happy to be part of MEDICA, Düsseldorf, Germany – 2021. The event helped us capitalize on the activity in the European subcontinent. The summit helped us by presenting our personal protection, occupational safety, etc. products and services to the right audience. “
SRAM & MRAM Group with their flagship brand Walletz4u at the summit will focus on presenting the product portfolio to a wider audience in Europe. The brand stands for high quality disposable latex, vinyl, nitrile and rubber gloves. Each glove is backed by the Seal of Approval and a commitment to bring the products you can trust to help keep you safe, healthy and comfortable. Walletz4u is the world’s largest OEM of gloves; one of the largest manufacturers and dealers of gloves in ASEAN and world markets.
The MEDICA 2021 event is a platform offering business and alliance opportunities under one roof for the healthcare sector; one place to meet market leaders, companies and key figures. The show has grown significantly since its inception 40 years ago and now has more than 5,600 exhibitors.
“The MEDICA 2021 event has helped many global players by providing a platform; a lonely roof for the healthcare industry that has come together in one place to showcase the latest technology products and services for the industry. . We also hope to be able to generate decent business post-event opportunities, ”said Vishal Ahuja, Director of Global Sales, SRAM & MRAM Group.

Make the event a success by the most successful team and partner (s) through their level of collaboration representing SRAM and MRAM Group at MEDICA 2021 in Germany and their shared vision of each other’s success, covering different ranks and service lines:
* Sarah Dhillon, Director of Business Development, SRAM & MRAM Resources, Berhad
* Daljit Singh Khalsa, Founder and Director, DM Link General Trading
* Sanjeev Kumar, Director of Sales and Operations, SRAM & MRAM Group
* Sotiroula Polykarpou, Marketing representative, DM Link
* Abhishek Tandon, Director, India, DM Link
* Vishal Ahuja, Director of Global Sales, SRAM & MRAM Group
* Claudio Zanetti, Country Head – Italy, SRAM & MRAM Group
* Jan Weckstrom, Sales Director, Lakkapaa Imports
* Jukka Lakkapaa, CEO, Lakkapaa Import OY (exclusive European distributor for Walletz4u)
* Harshita Chilana Heera, SRAM & MRAM (director’s wife)
* Hitanshu Heera, Global Director, SRAM & MRAM Group
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