The Critical Communications Review – PMRExpo 2021 has three successful trade fair days

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Thanks to a comprehensive hygienic protection concept, the 3,500 visitors were assured of safe attendance.

After PMRExpo 2020 could only take place digitally due to the crown, 140 national and international exhibitors again presented their products, services and innovations to interested trade visitors in person.

“In these difficult times, we have all become very aware of the importance of personal exchanges,” explained Bernhard Klinger in his role as chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Association of Professional Mobile Radios (PMeV), the sponsor concept of PMRExpo.

Thanks to a comprehensive hygienic protection concept, the 3,500 visitors were assured of safe attendance. In addition to the 10,000 m² exhibition area, PMRExpo 2021 included a comprehensive congress program as well as specialist forums as hybrid variants. The presentations focused on 5G and broadband technologies, including their applications.

Finally inform again on site

A look at the exhibitors’ products and services showed that in addition to proven and well-known innovations, many innovations were also on display. The exhibitors praised the opportunity to have a face-to-face dialogue with their customers again, as well as the large number and quality of personal exchanges.

“We have met many existing customers and had many important discussions. Of course, you notice that the aisles in the lobby are a bit more empty than usual. Still, it was good to be here and it’s good to have trade shows again. It was also worth it. so that we are here, ”explained Hanno Heeskens, Managing Director of cubos Internet GmbH in Aachen.

For its 21st year, PMRExpo was once again the ideal setting to identify new trends, learn about current innovations and make quality contacts.

After many months of virtual meetings and videoconferences, PMRExpo again offered various opportunities for the exchange of opinions and information face to face. For example, companies presented their products and services daily with lectures in the Speakers’ Corner directly in the exhibition hall. The Professionals Forum offered the public the opportunity to discover the possibilities of securing, recruiting and training qualified workers with the help of the PMeV network.

First-hand expert information

“PMRExpo will document the importance and importance of professional mobile communications,” said B. Klinger at the opening. According to him, the pandemic has pushed digitization forward. He concluded by calling on the community to learn from the catastrophic summer flooding in communications technology.

North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul, who was a video transmission sponsor, commented on the topic. He said that PMRExpo is an engine of innovation and that his state wants to advance digitization. As an example, he cited the expert forum on the development of structures for “information networking to present the state of the country” (VIDaL). H. Reul praised the official emergency call app “nora” recently launched by federal states. With the app, citizens can quickly and easily contact the police, fire department and ambulance service in an emergency – which is especially useful for people with speech impairments.

Referring to the severe catastrophic flooding, the speaker explained: “Here we have seen how essential communication between emergency services is.” He advocated the digital radio upgrade for public authorities and security task organizations (BOS) – above all, he said, it should be designed for broadband applications for transmission. of data.

Andreas Gegenfurtner, President of the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), gave an update on digital radio for “blue light organizations” at the start of the second day of the fair. Under the title “Between crises and communication of the future”, he addressed the challenges of digital radio BOS.

Focus on 5G, broadband technologies and campus networks

The 21 presentations over the three days of the congress focused on the potential of the 5G mobile communication standard and its future applications, broadband technologies and campus networks.

“In the long term, 5G will replace all other wireless networks! explained Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Tönjes from Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

As examples, he and other speakers on the following days named as potential application areas for 5G and campus networks: machine communication as an application for the Internet of Things – for example , the connection of smart meters – logistics applications and autonomous driving.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action plans 5,000 to 10,000 campus networks by 2025. Bernhard Klinger from Hytera Mobilfunk concluded his presentation with the call: “Start now! Start small and grow continuously!

The next PMRExpo is scheduled for November 22-24, 2022.

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