The day before: location of the show preparing for the 150th Lycoming County Fair | Entertainment

Hughesville, PA-Troy Bener and his little workers dripped off in a wet afternoon sauna on July 13 and assembled a vehicle for the Lycoming County Fair opening on Wednesday.

After missing the 150th milestone in 2020, vendors, vehicles, animals, race cars, tractors and performers look set to return visitors to the Hugesville show next week and a half.

The petting zoo, hay, pig races, fireworks, pit shows, kids shows, teardown derby, men’s wrestling tournaments, rides, tractor draw, shows equestrian and exhibitions are presented at the fair from July 14 to 24. There are animals, trucks, etc.Fest and art auction, according to the “At a Glance” calendar.

Benner, LLC owner at Sunshine Shows, based in Middleburg, Pa., Has “performed” at county fairs for many years, offering rides not only in Leicing County, but also at fairs and festivals across the country. ‘State. I am. The Sunshine Show has been a fun business since 1972.

Benner has 16 rides and numerous carnival games on the track, each put together with great care and care. “Once all the settings are done make sure everything is done and double-check everything we put together,” said Benner.

Its team is small – in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find workers – but the small team is made up of hard workers. They make sure the keys are in place, all seat security mechanisms are functioning properly, leveling is in place, and general security checks are followed. ..

Beyond the oval, the team assembles the final piece in a hot Gandhi sausage stand. It is one of the many favorite dishes that visitors expect to see and smell at trade shows.

To discover all week. As Lycoming County launches its 150th annual fair, we’ll be sharing sights and stories, adding them daily to our photo gallery, and showcasing some of the lore inside.

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The day before: location of the show preparing for the 150th Lycoming County Fair | Entertainment

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