The exhibition of apple varieties managed by Interpoma Variety Garden fills the show with color

For the first time in its history, Interpoma, the international apple show, which takes place from November 17 to 19, will host the Jardin des Variétés, an exhibition of more than 55 varieties of apples managed from all over the world.

The 12th edition of Interpoma will be colorful. During the international apple industry fair, which takes place from November 17 to 19, the Fiera Messe H1 event space at Fiera Bolzano will host an exhibition of more than 55 managed apple varieties from the main apple producing countries of the world. worldwide, including New Zealand. , the United States and France, as well as Italy, which features South Tyrol and Trentino. The Interpoma Variety Garden, the latest addition to the Interpoma 2022 program, is organized in partnership with the Variety Innovation Consortium South Tyrol (SK) and the Laimburg Research Centre.

“We imagined the Variety Garden as a way to bring the innovative and international spirit of Interpoma to life through color and appearance,” says Thomas Mur, Managing Director of Fiera Bolzano. “The varieties of apples managed come from the main apple producing countries of the world and tell the story of the thirty years of existence of the system. It starts with the first managed varieties that were produced exactly thirty years ago, such as KIKU® and Pink Lady®, up to the new varieties that are barely hitting the supermarket shelves. We are extremely proud to be the first and only to have brought together the abundance of heirloom varieties under one roof,” adds Mur.

Color will be the undisputed star of the Jardin des Variétés. Fruit on display will display a remarkably wide range of hues, from the bright yellow of yello® and opal® apples, to the fresh, vivid green of GreenStar®, to the dark, intense red of Crimson Snow®, to attractive new fleshy varieties. red bearing the Red Moon®, Kissabel® and Lucy™Glo trademarks.

Interpoma Variety Garden is just one of many side events planned for the 12th edition of Interpoma. The opening night will take place on November 16, the day before the show opens, and will present the winners with the Interpoma Award, a competition that recognizes the best innovations in the field of water conservation. The Interpoma congress will take place on November 17 and 18 and will focus on the apple industry in the United States and robotic harvesting. Interpoma Tours, 10 guided tours of the most innovative companies in South Tyrol and Trentino in the apple sector, will take place during the three days.

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