The international trade fair for manufacturing technologies returns after a four-year break

Metav 2022 The international trade fair for manufacturing technologies returns after a four-year break

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Germany — From June 21-24, Metav will once again be held at its usual location in Düsseldorf. Here, the fair fills an important gap for exhibitors and trade visitors after a pandemic-related break.

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The international trade fair for manufacturing technologies Metav returns after a four-year break.

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Economically, following the Covid-19 pandemic, Metav is indeed operating in a difficult period with major challenges, with supply chain issues and the impact of the Russian attack on Ukraine being of concern. Nevertheless, he arrives at the right time to propose new solutions to new challenges. The world’s leading trade fairs Wire and Tube, which take place in parallel, offer synergy effects and additional incentives for a visit – a hybrid concept also appeals to interested parties who cannot physically travel to Metav.

Metav has been firmly rooted in North Rhine-Westphalia since 1980. At the heart of Europe’s largest industrial agglomeration with various production sites in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Netherlands and Belgium, it offers manufacturing companies with a major market on their doorstep. “We had to postpone two events due to the pandemic and even then we could not prevent the cancellation of the Metav reload”, says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, executive director of the organizer VDW (German Association of machine tool manufacturers) at the international press conference in Frankfurt am Main. “So the fact that I can give you a preview today of the rescheduled Metav 2022, which is now being held June 21-24 in Düsseldorf, is very gratifying for me,” continues Schäfer.

Following the deep slump of the pandemic, the economic situation of the industry has improved considerably, especially in Europe and North America. Schäfer: “As an important indicator of industry developments, the PMI reflected the growing confidence in the market as early as mid-2021 and was still at a high level on almost all main European markets in March 2022.” The order books of German and European manufacturers are again full to bursting and have recently narrowly missed the record level of 2018.

However, bottlenecks in supply chains pose major challenges to manufacturers and only result in halting production growth. “92% of German machine tool manufacturers were significantly or severely affected by supply chain issues in September and December 2021, according to a VDMA flash survey. In April 2022, the figure remained at 81%,” explains Schäfer. The Russian war in Ukraine further aggravates the situation. Although Russia and Ukraine account for less than two percent of German sales, one in four machine tool makers said in a VDMA flash survey in April that they were directly affected by the consequences of the war. Toolmakers, traditionally Metav’s second largest group of exhibitors, also saw a change in the market situation. Markus Horn, CEO of Paul Horn GmbH in Tübingen, adds: “The optimistic mood has given way to uncertainty about future developments following the invasion of Ukraine. The effects of the war on the tool industry will be felt, but are disproportionate to the suffering of the Ukrainian population.

In this context, Metav comes at exactly the right time, emphasizes Schäfer. “We are convinced that the economy must get into the best possible shape to face the challenges I have mentioned.” Along the same lines, Horn says he is looking forward to the Metav in June: currently experiencing, it is particularly valuable for companies in Europe to have such a common platform for product presentation. We look forward to the personal meeting and dialogue with customers and interested parties.“

The market developments that have emerged in recent months also speak in favor of a successful trade fair. Relocation, the shifting of supply chains within the regional environment, has gained prominence as a result of the pandemic. Exhibitors are able to source supplies in the region and can help buffer supply bottlenecks. On the issue of energy supply, Metav can exploit interesting synergy effects with the world’s leading wire and tube fairs, which are held in parallel, for example around the production of high-quality components for the expansion wind power, power lines and associated infrastructure. As in the past, innovation will again be a major theme at Metav, from new solutions around resource-efficient production to start-ups, which will be particularly present at Metav this year. Schäfer: “The number of young innovative companies has increased from 5 to 13 since 2018. We offer visitors a showcase of innovation and new thinking, giving them the opportunity to discover innovative solutions and decide how to exploit them in their own business. .“

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The Wire and Tube shows have been postponed and will be held at the same time as Metav 2022.

Schäfer believes that another highlight of Metav 2022 will be the hybrid concept with which the show will set new accents. Under the banner “Real & Digital – the perfect match”, the balance between analog and digital components will be readjusted for each event in the future. This will allow exhibitors not only to approach visitors on site, but also to offer interested users a technical discussion with a digital presence. An approach that appeals to Horn: “Metav is also evolving with the times in terms of digital. We support the hybridization of trade fairs as long as the focus is on presence and digitalization offers added value to visitors.“

That is why, in addition to a stand with live machining, Horn also relies on web sessions, which have become the digital flagship of the fair with a total of around 200 editions. As part of Metav 2022, from May 31, they will offer interested users the opportunity to get an overview of the offer of products and services on offer and the exhibitors involved during the hot planning phase of the fair. Other digital components this year include the Metav Forum, which will be held in the exhibition hall during the performance and will also be streamed online, as well as two moving image formats. Exhibitors can present their stands or their products in exclusive videos, or present their know-how in a thematic format. All digital offerings are free to users.

“Our expectations for Metav are many trade visitors, good discussions and a fair that matches the zeitgeist with its hybrid structure,” says Horn, explaining his anticipation of the industry event in North Rhine-Westphalia. Westphalia. Schäfer is also looking forward to the upcoming return to the Düsseldorf exhibition halls: “Showcasing all the know-how and innovation, based on a carefully designed hybrid concept, and scheduled alongside two world-renowned trade fairs, all Preparations are now in full swing for a successful fair. Whether at the exhibition center or during the afterwork on the Rheinterrassen, the time has come to get together!

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