The K 2022 plastics fair is fast approaching

Lindner (Hall 9, Stand B17 & B19) is showcasing a range of new, efficient all-in-one plastics recycling solutions. As the company points out, the key to successful recycling lies in the perfect coordination of the upstream processes of shredding, washing and sorting.

Among other things, Lindner is launching its improved Jupiter BW series for the first time. The crusher ensures a constant volumetric flow and homogeneous larger particles, reduces the proportion of fines generated by 50% and thus optimizes the particle size for NIR sorting. Live outdoor demonstrations will take place at the VDMA Circular Economy Forum, where Lindner will demonstrate a grinding, washing and drying unit, equipped with a Micromat HP grinder and integrated water treatment, and will recycle live plastics several times a day. A highlight is the new system solution for directly processing post-consumer flakes of rigid plastics in an injection molding process. These pass through Lindner’s recycling machine and, without prior extrusion, enter directly into the injection molding process.

Gneuss (Hall 9, Stand A22) presents, among other things, its new OMNI recycling machines for the closed-loop recycling of post-consumer recycled PET, polystyrene and polyolefin, including a complete OMNI recycling machine with a new rotary feeder 3C, an MRSjump 70 extruder, a fully automatic RSFgenius 90 melt filtration system and an in-line VIS viscometer, for processing 200 kg/h (450 lb/h) of undried polyester (PET) thermoformed recovery and not crystallized.

The new 3C rotary feeder allows materials with low bulk density to be used without any external processing steps. A conveyor belt feeds the shredded salvage material into the hopper, where a fast-spinning disc with knives cuts, compacts and preconditions the material. The knives add energy to the material and start the heating and degassing process before the material is automatically fed into the MRSjump extruder.

Samples of polypropylene trays for food applications made with 30% post-consumer PP and PS sheets made from 30% post-consumer PS, processed on Gneuss OMNI recycling machines with MRS extruders and RSFgenius filtration systems, will be exhibited.

In parallel, with the Gneuss head office only about 200 km from the show, a complete PET sheet extrusion line with an OMNImax recycling machine — consisting of an MRSjump 70, the Gneuss deep suction system and he fully automatic filtration system RSFgenius 75 — and a downstream sheet with a 500 mm wide extrusion die will run in the Gneuss technical center open to visitors.

On a common stand (Hall 9, Stand C09 and Erema Circonomic Center) of the Erema group — composed of Erema, Pure Loop, Umac, 3S, Keycycle and Plasmac — seven new technological innovations, recycling systems and components will be launched, including technological innovations in the plasticizing unit specially developed for high throughputs with low specific energy consumption, the new Erema 406 laser filter with a 50% larger screening area and new digital assistance systems that will be implemented available on the BluPort customer platform.

Among the apps that will be previewed is the PredictOn app, which helps anticipate and eliminate impending malfunctions through the continuous measurement and evaluation of machine data. In addition, the company presents Chemarema, a new series developed for the mechanical processing of materials, the preparation of input streams and the guarantee of a reliable, continuous and energy-efficient flow of feed material, which also makes part of the chemical recycling process. UMAC, a subsidiary of the Erema group, is launching ReadyMac, a standardized, prefabricated and stock-based recycling solution, based on proven Erema TVE technology.

Finally, in the in-house recycling segment, Pure Loop and Plasmac will complete the wide range of machines offered by the group of companies with their product portfolio.

At the Circonomic Center located outside on the fairground, Erema will present plastic recycling with live demonstrations together with cooperation partners. Different waste streams will be processed for this purpose, and applications for recyclate will be showcased at the Products made of Recyclate exhibition at the centre.

In recycling hall 9, stand A02, Maag, whose systems play a key role in creating a more circular economy for plastics, will present solutions for mechanical recycling. The company will showcase a range of equipment, from its Ettlinger ERF and ECO fusion filters, capable of handling contamination levels of up to 16%, high throughputs of up to 10,000 kg/h and fine filtration down to 60 microns; its updated PEARLO underwater granulator technology; AMN die plates for underwater granulators; and the new extrex recycling pump with more space between the teeth and flatter angles to pass impurities down to a size of 0.6 mm, making an upstream protection filter unnecessary in most cases. The company is also launching its new ContiNeo counter-current screen changer, combining the advantages of a piston screen changer with those of large area filtration.

Hellweg Maschinenbau, a manufacturer of advanced granulation machines, will present extensive options around the Smart Control system for its entire range of granulators (Hall 11, Stand C39). Another novelty: a servomotor-driven digital lubrication unit (allowing optimal control) with Bluetooth data transmission adaptable to all central mills as well as a new edge cutting system for use in extrusion.

Hellweg has added a hardware module to the Smart Control system table that stores energy consumption data, including power peaks, of the machine it is installed on over the long term, providing valuable data for the analysis and optimization of energy consumption. The SECURE+ package for the control system adds security features. As soon as it detects impending granulator overloads based on motor current and torque values, it counteracts them to virtually prevent rotor jams.

Hellweg can now also optionally equip all central grinders from the 260 series with a new central lubrication unit. Using a Bluetooth interface, the unit provides the operator with all relevant data, such as battery voltage, temperature, volume of lubricant delivered as well as time elapsed since last pump stroke , the operating time and the number of pump strokes.

The new R 200/20 Servo edge cutting system, developed in collaboration with Breyer Extrusion, completes the range of Hellweg systems of this type, also called guillotines or shredders. When cutting the film strips, it pre-shreds one or two edge strips, which are then fed to a granulator for further processing.

Maguire (Hall 10, Booth C41) is showcasing a new gravimetric feed line that can be optimally configured to meet varying processing requirements. The new feeder designs allow up to four different sized auger feeders, all located on a single mounting frame, using a single common touch screen control.

Additionally, the company is introducing a Volumetric Feed (MVF) option. These new power supply models provide ultimate flexibility for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and extrusion control applications.

Maguire is also introducing the newest member of the company’s Weigh Scale Blenders line: the new WSB-600 Series blender for mid-flow applications at the show, which accurately dispenses up to 12 materials of a wide variety of types and can be configured to dose up to six main ingredients. With a flow rate range of up to 2,500 lbs/hr, it is suitable for injection, extrusion, blow molding and core mix applications.

At CMG Granulators (Hall 9, Stand C10), the company is showcasing its range of grinding and recycling equipment solutions, including granulators, grinders, integrated feed conveyors and more. All CMG granulators are equipped with the Adaptive Motor Power (AMP) function, allowing them to autonomously establish the level of power necessary for the work, while optimizing the quality of the regrind and minimizing energy consumption. The return on investment of AMP is less than 12 months.

CMG provides technologies and solutions designed for the circular economy. Its portfolio includes the Evoluzione series super granulators for post-consumer recycling – a solution for the most critical operating conditions, wet or dry granulation, with a granulation capacity from 2,000 to over 5,000 kg/h; high-efficiency shredders such as the TRM1500 with a patented blade design; and a newly designed series of granulators for in-line scrap recycling, suitable for crushing sheet metal, skeleton sheets and rejected parts, including four models, suitable for small and medium capacities, to cover applications ranging from 200 to 1,000 kg/h.

Vecoplan AG (Hall 9, Stand B41; Circular Economy Forum) highlights the VAZ 1700, a shredder with a throughput capacity of 2,000 to 25,000 kg/h and a modular design that creates a wealth of options configuration, allowing it to tackle a wide range of materials. In addition, the company will launch another stage of plastics processing, of which no details have yet been revealed. Visitors to both stands will experience this and more, with live broadcasts from the Westerwald Technology Center and twice-daily live demonstrations at the VDMA Circular Economy Forum.

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