Unit Ag. The company is preparing to host a fair and a fall exhibition

Unit Ag. The company has confirmed that its biggest company is back on the events calendar, from September 30 to October 30. 1

UNITY–Following a meeting Aug. 23, the Unity Ag. company has pledged to relaunch its annual fall fair and trade show. It is scheduled from September 30 to October 30. 1.

What will be different this year is that the Fall Fair and Trade Show will all be held on the same surface at the Unity Curling Rink, located in the Unity Community Center.

Confirmation of the traditional pancake breakfast which benefits a local charity is not yet known, however, if this part of the weekend activity continues it will be held upstairs in the room of the community center.

Society Committee Member Ag. Joan Sperle said, “Fall Fair books will be available soon and we have some availability for vendors to be part of our trade show. They can contact me at 306.228.2758.

It will be a smaller host committee this year due to unforeseen circumstances and currently Sperle says they are planning how they will divide the ice surface.

There are, of course, other logistics that need to be considered and that includes cooking for the food stand that is always part of this fall occasion, sans the optional upstairs room and hockey 3 against 3 in full swing on the arena side.

This is a problem that plagues many clubs and organizations that include aging members, smaller membership numbers and a lack of volunteers. This event is the Ag Society’s biggest revenue generator of the year and at present there is only a small group of people and volunteers to organize and run the weekend. In addition to organizing both the fall fair and the trade show, it is set up, supervising the operation throughout its two days as well as the inevitable dismantling. Many hands do light work, but that’s not always an option for the small organization, and this year their available committee members are even fewer.

Sperle said there are still concerns about the rumors and the potential 7e The wave of COVID-19 could be taken into account, as well as the possibility of a late harvest. She also said the Ag. Society recognizes that since COVID-19, people are taking advantage of their free time, whether it’s volunteering or attending functions.

Suppliers have also expressed difficulty in securing inventory as the pandemic continues to cause shipping and receiving delays.

2021 would have been the 40e year of the annual unit Ag. Society Fall Fair and Trade Show and as was the case in 2020, the pandemic forced the cancellation. In a normal year, this community weekend saw between 1,500 and 1,700 people walk through the doors.

Unity’s Ag Society relies on its biggest source of income in this endeavor and over the past two years the committee has been forced to make some cautious financial decisions. The organization pays for the maintenance and electricity of the Agroplex. They also offer an annual scholarship upon graduation from UCHS. They are happy to say that they were able to organize, once again, the Ag-Ed day on the rodeo grounds for the elementary school students.

The G. The Society Committee said: “This is a great opportunity to get together with friends and neighbors to review the summer, discuss the 2022 harvest, shop at the trade show and browse the fair entries. fall, with the added bonus of great home-cooked lunch and dinner options.

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