Zugacoin Launches First Global Cryptocurrency Expo in Lagos

Archbishop Sam Zuga, the founder of Africa’s first cryptocurrency, Zugacoin and his team successfully launched the world’s first ever ZUGACOIN TRADE FAIR in Lagos.

This event is unquestionably the very first cryptocurrency show in the world where all sales are 100% Zugacoin.

It was a great sight to see people express their joy at the success of the Zugacoin Merchant Trade Fair test.

On the ground, people transacted using Zugacoin through the scan-to-pay method.

Declaring the show open, Sam Zuga, who is the world’s first professor of digital economics, expressed his immense joy at the advantage that Zugacoin has over all other cryptocurrencies.

He implored everyone to cut any fear regarding the Zugacoin project from their hearts.

As he finished his speech, the people unanimously honor him with a standing ovation that speaks of acceptability. Truly, a phenomenon in the form of a human being has happened to Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga is the phenomenon.

The Fair continues the next day for another 6 days.

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